Bulletin Board

We have created this online bulletin board for the community to post their opportunities, ask for help, and advertise for relevant events happening in Greater Copenhagen.

If you want to post on the board, please fill out our formula which you can find here

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Experienced entrepreneurs

Looking for new projects to support



looking for early stage startup projects to work with.
Contributing with 25 years experience from Silicon Valley including from a VC, as well as having a large international network.
Interested in hardtech and digital innovation.

Are you passionate about your idea, then describe it to us here


entrepreneur seeking scaleups

who are ready and interested in internationalization.
Contributes with +9 years relevant experience from Denmark and USA.
Interested in online digital solutions.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level, please get in touch here


Experienced medical professional

looking to get involved in digital health projects.
If you think your data-driven health care project would benefit from having a medical professional with more than 9 years of leadership experience on board,

please get in touch here

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Job postings


Student with programming skills wanted

Are you looking for an internship where you can use your programming skills in real life settings?

Then join me in developing an online platform for fashion style-coaching.

Write an email to stylerack@stylerack.dk if you want to hear more about the opportunity.

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Other opportunities


Do you work with health data?

and do you want this data to actually benefit the patient or citizens?
We are looking for public institutions as well as private organizations who wish to crunch their available data with the purpose of improving the process, products or situation of the involved people.

Contact us here


Kliniker, præsenter din udfordring

Vi søger klinikere med konkrete udfordringer, som muligvis kan afhjælpes med hjælp af computerkraft.

Det kunne eksempelvis være ved at udvikle metoder til hurtigere diagnostik ved billedgenkendelse eller datamønstre, som giver mulighed for at opdage potentielle tegn på sygdomme.

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