Supporting the development of digital health solutions

Is your start-up developing a digital health solution? Is your idea innovative and groundbreaking within your field but facing technical challenges hampering your progress?

As part of an effort by the Capital Region of Denmark to improve the AI entrepreneurial environment, ambitious start-ups in the process of developing their digital health solution can now apply for help.

The project matches your start-up with a researcher from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) whose skills are within the relevant field to help you advance. Together, the start-up and the researcher investigate and solve the specific challenge facing your start-up.

Your solution must broadly defined be related to solve a problem in the health sector by using data to solve the problem or generate data with the intention of using it to derive larger patterns that can result in faster, more accurate and better quality diagnostics and treatment.

Successful applicants whose project descriptions best meet the selection criteria described in the instructions (see separate document) will be awarded the equivalent of max. DKK 300,000 to cover the researcher’s hourly compensation.

Overall, the following requirements apply:

Primary requirements:

  • Your start-up must be located in the Capital Region of Denmark

  • Your solution must be data-driven, involving technologies within Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI, or generate data that can be used in a context to solve health challenges digitally

  • You have the desire to commercialize your solution

  • Chosen projects must be in relation to the establishment or scaling of early start-ups

Additional requirements:

  • Your solution must be novel and innovative

  • Your solution must be scalable

  • Your solution must have a significant market potential

Requirements to the use of funds:

  • The allocated funds must be used to compensate the researcher in testing and maturing the technology

  • The allocated funds may also be used to compensate the personnel from the health sector (e.g. clinicians from hospitals) for user testing of the technology.                                                                                              

If all of the above sounds relevant to you, then please complete the online application form here no later than August 6, 2018. Applicants will hear from the Selection Committee by September 1, 2018.

The initiative is part of a larger effort by the Capital Region of Denmark, which focuses on strengthening the AI ecosystem, the smaller AI companies, and AI entrepreneurs. The Selection Committee consists of the Digital Innovation Hub at DTU Skylab, DTU Compute, Futurebox at DTU Science Park, and the Department of Innovation and Sector Development at DTU among others.