Call for Interest: Access to Life Science Supercomputer for start-ups

As part of the effort to strengthen the AI environment in the Capital Region of Denmark, we are looking to grant access to services offered by Computerome for AI entrepreneurs interested in health care.

The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center, Computerome, is a high performance computing facility specialized for Life Science. Users include research groups from all Danish universities, industry, and the public health care sector.

Computerome is physically installed at the DTU Risø campus and managed by a strong team of specialists from DTU.

However, it is possible to use Computerome from anywhere.

AI entrepreneurs have the possibility to gain access to health care data through Computerome and use the secure cloud infrastructure to carry out activities on the most sensitive data types, meeting the demands of statutory acts and the highest security levels necessary when working with sensitive data.

The purpose is to explore whether granting entrepreneurs the ability to work with data by using a supercomputer can lead to new and innovative discoveries.

If you are an entrepreneur, interested in artificial intelligence, and would like to get introduced to the best practices, showcase model implementations and demonstrate successful projects which would not have been possible in settings outside of Computerome, then please express your interest here no later than 15 October.

Please note that the expression of interest is non-binding and solely used to indicate the interest within the AI community of such a service.

Interested entrepreneurs will be informed about additional details regarding access to Computerome after the deadline for expression of interest.