Digital Innovation Hub helps startups and companies
kickstart their use of digital technologies


Digital Innovation Hub provides a physical & virtual space where startups, SMEs & corporations can explore the benefits of digital technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain, VR).

Unlike consultants we are community-focused, impact-driven, and rooted in top universities.


We are working hard to set up a new Digital Innovation Hub at DTU Skylab.
More information will be coming soon.

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Digital business transformation

Digital Business Transformation er et virksomhedsforløb, hvor du får lov til at arbejde intensivt med din digitale forretningsplan og får sat skub i din digitale udvikling.



Digital Innovation Hub søger klinikere med konkrete udfordringer, som muligvis kan afhjælpes med hjælp af computerkraft.


Kom digital

KomDigital focuses on lifting digital skills in small and medium-sized businesses in Smart Greater Copenhagen and preparing them for the digital future.


Mentor Network

Do you have extensive experience with and knowledge about artificial intelligeene from either the industry, academia or entrepreneurship? Join our AI Mentor Network!

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Are you an entrepreneur working with health tech? Get access to our world class supercomputer!

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digital health solutions

Is your start-up developing a digital health solution? Is your idea innovative and groundbreaking within your field but facing technical challenges hampering your progress?



Disrupt dit Mindset og få succes med Big Data

Er I som virksomhed klar til at tage det første skridt på rejsen mod innovation, transformation og nye forretningsmodeller, og tør I udfordre jeres mindset?

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High Tech Summit:

Usage of Healthcare Data

Digital Innovation Hub will host the session "Usage of (public) healthcare data for new digital health solutions" 11th of October as part of the High Tech Summit, 2018.


Community Crunch

Are you interested in technology helping people with disabilities? Do you want to learn more about how startups work? And most importantly, do you want to use your coding, design, marketing or business experience to solve real-life challenges?


Who we are

The Digital Innovation Hub is physically located at DTU Skylab utilizing the synergy effects from the dynamic environment.

Currently, the hub is maintaining two projects:

Pilot Project for Digital Solutions, a shared initiative between Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen University. The project came about after several recommendations from the "Digitalt Vækstpanel" in May 2017, which emphasized the strenght of the Danish universities to bring in the knowledge and experience with student startup environments.

AI entrepreneur initiative, launched by the Capital Region of Copenhagen in cooperation with DTU among others. The aim is to raise, develop and apply new AI health technologies through the establishment of an AI community, thereby creating better conditions for the AI ecosystem, especially start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Hub’en skal etableres i København i tilknytning til relevante forskningsmiljøer på DTU, CBS og KU.
Hub’en skal have et stærkt kommercielt fokus og være et dynamisk og
internationalt orienteret miljø, hvor start-ups, etablerede virksomheder og stærke forskningsmiljøer
samles omkring udviklingen af innovative løsninger og forretningsmodeller.
— Digitalt Vækstpanel


Partners: pilot for digital technologies

partners: ai entrepreneurship


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